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About Chelsea Ferrando

Chelsea is a bodywork/movement professional and enthusiast.  

Amazed by all the things the body can do! In addition to having been a professional dancer, she has certifications ranging from multiple mobility methods, to strength methods, and manual therapies. FRC is a passion of hers as is functional neurology. She is a Brazilian Jiu-jitsu brown belt, and loves the balance fighting and healing brings to her life.

Her goal is to help you Be Stunning, in all aspects of your physical self. To have you forge a deeper connection to your body, abilities, and capacity to heal, through movement, philosophy, and breath. 

With nearly a decade in the industry, and over 24 years of movement training, she loves her work more than ever; truly believes in the rehabilitative properties of movement, and compassionate manual touch, as a healing and preventative health measure.

She is excited about being able to connect to, and serve more bodies, being online.  

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Stunning Athletics Services

Reconnection to 'you' through touch and movement.

Stunning Athletics offers virtual movement assessments, virtual health and fitness coaching, led massage and myofascial release, groups classes, birthing doula services, and more! Reach out to book your first assessment!

Personal Training


Custom programming or 1-1 coaching services

Stunning Athletics offers virtual or in person coaching services! (send an email to see if Chelsea is currently in your area.) Training can look like a variety of things depending on what your body needs; and every. body. is different. So one persons training might look like lifting weights/HIIT, and someone else's might be long slow lingering movements, or learning to breathe in ways that help the body or self massage! 

To figure out what kind of training is best suited for your body at this time, book an assessment today!

Corporate Wellness Packages


Offer your employees the benefit of wellness right out of the office.

Customized programs of prescriptive movement and hands on bodywork, created via ergonomic workplace assessments, personal mobility assessments, and personal health and wellness goals. With different tiers and packages, find a custom package to fit your companies needs and put your company at the front of the growing wellness movement, by putting your employees health and mental wellness first.

Doula Services


Birthing prep and labor support

Labor and birthing is no exception to being a Stunning feat of Athletics! Pregnancy and birthing is unique to each woman. The extent of my support is based on your comfort level. We can create a birth plan together and practice pain management techniques with your partner, do prenatal fitness work together and that's the extent of it; or I can be there for the full laboring process being an advocate and a support solely for you. Connect with me today so we can figure out how I can best support you!

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Mon - Fri: 8am - 6pm

Sat: 9am - 1pm

Sun: Closed unless by appointment

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