Being a body professional in a digital age

How many hours a day do you spend in front of your computer? Or moreover, your cell phone? How many health practitioners then tell you to spend less time doing all those things?

Yet here I am creating content on a digital platform to keep my audience/potential clients/fellow body workers engaged. The irony does not escape me. So I will keep this short.

The necessary evil of tech in our day and age is inevitable. Email, shopping, online courses, social media, zoom calls, online banking, bill paying etc. etc. etc. There literally, is nothing we do in person, that we can't do online anymore...except hands on bodywork.

Of course it has it's perks. Never before would I be able to reach and influence human bodies half way across the world. What a gift and privilege.

Not something I take lightly.

I believe, in a post COVID world especially, we seriously lack kind and compassionate touch. The National Library of Medicine reported 18 out of 21 studies as having "highly positive results" when adding therapeutic touch, to other more clinical protocols for recovery time. Yet here we are stuck behind screens, trying to connect.

We were ordered to quarantine, shelter in place, stay within our bubble, making us weary of each other, loved ones, and professionals who are "qualified" and meant to lay their hands on you. We are co regulating creatures. Meaning we help each other manage our nervous systems by interacting in person.


When we emerged from hiding and started working together again, the amount of clients I saw in a permanently sympathetic state astounded me. Little to no healing can be done by the body when we are in survival mode. The system has to be down regulated first, and THEN the treatment protocols can begin. It can be quite a process depending on how far down the rabbit hole we are.

Harvard school of medicine published a study that links elevated levels of anxiety and depression (hello sympathetic state) with extended screen time... Do you see where I am going with this?

Much like the discovery of fire, we learned that it can cook our food and keep us warm, we also learned that, left unmanaged it can harm and destroy us.

Learning to use these tools effectively and finding the balance with everything else in life is an ongoing experiment. I, for one, am eternally grateful that the majority of the work I do can only be done in person. As I struggle with being a body professional in this digital age, I am frustrated and yet simultaneously elated my practice exists in person, in real time. And while I will continue to reach out and communicate to others via this platform, I am deeply grateful and privileged to those who see me in person for hands on, manual treatment.

Being the health professional I am, I end this with a reminder, to now go

and stare at something more than 20 feet away, preferably outside in sunlight if you have it.

Go have a conversation with someone in person, hug someone (ideally someone you know lol you don't need those problems), go to a breath class (breathing in unison is amazing- different post) or get a massage or book some body work. Your body's ability to heal itself literally depends on it.


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