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"Chelsea has a gentle but firm coaching style that will help you do what you thought was impossible...Working out as an overweight woman was very intimidating for me. I was embarrassed and wanted to quit every week. I remember working on the 3rd set of an exercise I didn't think I could do, and tears started to come out. Chelsea was incredibly supportive, and helped me realize that these emotions were completely natural. I felt seen and heard and inspired to keep going...It was a huge relief to be guided through with the gentle touch Chelsea offers. Chelsea makes sure the gym is a safe place for her clients to do amazing things."

Yvonne Dhanoa

"I was only a year into my fitness journey and having been overweight, I have always believed that I was not good enough for fitness and that I did not belong in a gym or fitness class. Chelsea changed that narrative for me. She made fitness fun and educational. She educated me on each part of the body that needs to be engaged to ensure safety, which was one of the main reasons I chose to work with her. Her vast knowledge of the human body is something I have not seen in any other fitness instructor or trainer...The other reason is her kindness. She really cares about her clients, not just their fitness goals. Her ability to connect to people is unparalleled...She is truly an asset to her field, anyone would be lucky to work with her."

Sarah Ingram

"Chelsea helped me feel my best on my wedding day! I asked her to help me feel strong and confident in my strapless dress and I received the best care and attention anyone could ask. She has an unimaginable amount of knowledge that makes her a great coach in all aspects. She is a pleasure to work with; she knows how to push you without being pushy. Chelsea is kind and patient and deeply passionate about what she does!"

Katie McTavish

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